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Proudly Serving Montgomery, Frederick, and Carroll Counties



  • During the public health concerns related to COVID-19, our business operations including our contact center and standard collection service remain operational. We will post developing information on this page.

  • We have noticed an incredible amount of trash at some stops. In order to continue to offer everyone a competitive rate, please adhere to our regular limit of ONE 95 gal. cart or SIX 30 gal. bags per pickup. If using 13 gal. bags, our limit is 10 bags. Additional trash will be left behind. Please contact our office for additional rates should you need to dispose of more trash. 

  • Recycling is offered in your county, so we encourage you to recycle more in order to reduce the amount of trash disposed and to help our environment. 

Carroll County residents ONLY:

Effective immediately, we will no longer collect plastic bags of any kind with your recycling. Carroll County will now fine all haulers if plastic bags are mixed with recycling. Plastic Bags clog up recycling processing equipment just
like hair clogs up the rollers of a vacuum cleaner. All recycling MUST be loose in your receptacles.

Please place plastic bags with your trash or recycle them at your nearest grocery store. All recycling that contains plastic bags of any kind will be left behind. Please visit Carroll County's website for more information:  https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/government/directory/public-works/office-of-recycling/what-is-recyclable/

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