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About Us

777 Sanitation, Inc., is a company dedicated in making our environment cleaner.  We began trash collection in early 2004. 

In 2004, when we began our desire to formulate this company, we had the fortune of getting to know a number of people that believed in us and gave us their unconditional support.  It is thus, that we took off as an independent company looking for the personal growth as well as an enterprise. 

In the past years, we had challenges, but as a company we have always looked at the positive side of things and using these challenges as stepping stones to reach our objectives.  Today, we are privileged to state that 777 Sanitation, Inc., is a well-known company that operates in Frederick, Carroll, and Montgomery County, Maryland.  Furthermore, we have the privilege from receiving from our clients their confidence, gratefulness and their support throughout these years.

We count with our dedicated and competent personnel to support and form the direction of our company to better service our clients and take part of the growth of this company.  We have personnel available to you seven days a week from 7am - 7pm, EST. to answer our clients inquiries, complaints and/or comments on the "Contact Us" page of this website.  At the same token, we have at the disposition of our clients, five (5) state-of-the-art rear loader equipped trash trucks with the most recent technology needed to service our clients needs adequately and timely; these trucks under the direction of our employees who characterize themselves by the charisma, education, and respect towards our clients.  Their street trash cans and their neighborhoods take a great role in accomplishing our objectives.

General Background

The care and protection of our environment are an aspect of extreme importance for our company.  We strive to preserve and protect the same by offering services of great quality, security and professionalism at the time of gathering and disposing garbage.

777 Sanitation, Inc., is committed to gain our clients trust and respect by formulating a relationship in which our clients can trust our abilities and capabilities in getting our work correctly carried-out in a timely fashion.

Mission Statement

Our mission is aimed to assure our competitiveness as a company, through the excellence in the service and the integral development of leaders of our environmental care in the sense of commitment and harmony with our society.  This is a result of an organization motivated and orientated to the satisfaction of our clients.
777 Sanitation, Inc., is oriented to the constant search of the enterprise excellence creating of constant qualification and open communication channels between our personnel and clients in order to offer the best service and to contribute to the preservation of the environment becoming a company leader in services of garbage collection. 

Corporate Values

777 Sanitation, Inc., is convinced of the following:

  • The faith in God gives us the sense and value in life.
  • Our productive work allows personal, family and social growth.
  • With discipline, teamwork and self-control we are all winners.
  • Fundamental dialogue is the only method to dissolve the differences.
  • The initiative, creativity and common sense make all men, corporations and countries great.
  • Acting with loyalty, honesty and respect, we will construct a peaceful society.
  • Racial, social, political, economic, cultural and religious differences do not constitute inequality.
  • The heart of 777 Sanitation, Inc., is the client.  We guarantee our stability and development.
  • Security, opportunity, trustworthiness and sensitivity in the service we provide is our reason of being.
  • Competition renews us daily and makes us great among the great ones.



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